The Toilets Making the Grade® competition framework is a cost-efficient methodology to catalyse improvements in hygiene and sanitation at schools and in institutions.

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Utilising a competition framework, Toilets Making the Grade® catalyses improvements for sanitation and hygiene at schools – at scale.

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Since 2012 Toilets Making the Grade® competitions have been running. Get an overview of competitions that have already been completed and those that are still open for participation.

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If you are an NGO, agency or government institution and want to run your own Toilets Making the Grade® competition, we are happy to help you with a step-by-step guide.

Facts & Figures

~ 600.000 students

have participated in Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa. This year Latin America joined.

~ 1500 schools

have participated

15 competitions

in 5 countries have and are taking place since 2012

96 % of schools

who participated in Jordan state that the competition helped them to understand national standards
(513 schools surveyed)

Organise your own Toilets Making the Grade® competition. We can guide you step-by-step.

What People Say

Lwamasaka Prosper Education Manager in charge of School Inspections, Kampala Capital City Authority Education Services, Uganda

“The schools were overwhelmed with the abundance of their problems. Through the guided self-assessment, they are now able to prioritise and address their challenges one at a time. It's a very good way of planning that enables people to work with the few resources they have. Toilets Making the Grade brought the toilet as a topic to the boardroom.”

Dr. Abdal Salaam General Director Department of Educational, Jordan Ministry of Education

“Yes! Do it again. Replicate. It’s for the benefit of the students. The competition had a very positive impact on teachers, students and the whole system. The feedback I received from supervisors in schools was very good.”

Dr. Lubna Khalil Al Amoudi Principal, Aidun Bani Hassan Primary School, Mafraq Governorate, Jordan

“This was a fair and transparent competition. Even schools from areas with less resources had a chance to win. I am proud of our achievements and our school would participate again.”

Dr. Salma Masoud Technical Coordinator at Development Cooperation Unit, Jordan Ministry of Education

“The competition implemented Jordan policy. Schools changed something within themselves. Their passion impressed me the most and really motivated me as well.”

Majdi Bdour TMG Champion, Jordan Ministry of Education

“Through the competition, for the first time the different actors within the school have worked together. Cleaning staff and janitors have never been involved before. A great success of the competition was that the students found solutions to their problems - and that in cooperation with the internal school stakeholders and the communities around the school.”

Dr. Rabee Al-Omari Head of the Supreme Jury, Jordan Ministry of Education

“I suggested to have the judging process anonymous. The jury didn't know the school they were judging, which helped to ensure a fair competition. We could adjust the competition to our needs and it worked well. I was surprised of the very high amount of schools that participated.”

Tasneem Khataibeh Graphic Designer, Jordan Ministry of Education

“We were really surprised by the schools' innovative and unusual ideas. One student had the idea of spreading glitter powder on the stair handles to show his classmates that they need to wash their hands. A teacher in another school made an interactive book.”

Fat-hyyah Abdallah Al- Amr Mother and Community Representative, Al-Rawda Primary School, Jordan

“As a parent, I see that the competition has made the learning environment safer for the students. I visit the school three times a week and am the liaison between the community and the school.”

Shatha Aljaberi Head of Social Media Department, Jordan Ministry of Education

“Most people take part in competitions for personal benefit. With this competition, with so many people involved, it was really different. People worked together for the benefit of all.”

Irene Faith Alinga Technical Advisor, Water, Sanitation and Water Resources GIZ Sanitation for Millions, Uganda

“TMG enables school stakeholders to come together, recognize their sanitation issues and find solutions to those issues, using the available resources, without necessarily seeking for external support. The schools immediately mobilize resources for WASH improvements. It is a great approach for triggering action for WASH improvement in schools.”

Musa Birungi Senior Education Officer and WASH Focal Person, Ministry of Education and Sports, Uganda

“Through TMG, we realized that water tariffs are a problem for schools and we succeeded to interact with Kampala National Water & Sewerage Corporation to bring the water tariffs down for schools. We are now aiming to reduce water tariffs for all schools nationally.”

Robert Ikwap Assistant Commissioner for Primary Education, Ministry of Education and Sports, Uganda

“TMG facilitated a mindset change of learners on use and maintenance of WASH facilities.”

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